Wave Hill

Garden Improvement, 2006
Wave Hill, Bronx, New York

In 2006, I was invited to submit a proposal to make a series of sculptures for Wave Hill’s exhibition Garden Improvement.
Prior to making the three pieces for the show, I had been using watering can parts – mostly spouts – in my sculptures but not the whole can.
For these works, the watering cans became stand-ins for women in their roles as nurturers and caretakers. Altered Can 1 has multiple spouts,
Silver Spray has beautiful undulating vintage cord, like water, and Altered Can 2 has octopus-like tentacles made of fabric coming from the body of the can.

From left to right:
Altered Can 1, 2006, watering can and spouts, epoxy, and cable, 14 x 21¾ x 25 inches
Altered Can 2, 2006, watering can, fabric, thread, ribbon-wire, epoxy, Velcro, and cord, 16 x 100 x 115 inches
Silver Spray, 2006, watering can and spouts, silicone sealant, epoxy, cord, and cable, 77 x 68 x 68 inches