Solo show, Rosemont College

Solo show, 2014
Lawrence Gallery, Rosemont College, Rosemont

In 2014, I had a solo exhibition called “Rachel Selekman: Making Connections” at Rosemont College’s Lawrence Gallery in Rosemont, PA, right outside of Philadelphia.
The exhibition included sculpture and works on paper and it was the first time I had an opportunity to show both 2-D and 3-D work together in a substantial way.

The following are additional installtions shots. All photographs by Karen Mauch.

From left to right: Reveal (Taking Stock 1), Cheers,
and The Conversation

Sculptures, from left to right: Splash, The Lovers, and Reach;
works on paper, from left to right: Golden Flow,
Pink Growth,
and Spring Bouquet

From left to right: The Conversation, nine collages from the Fifty series, and Burst (2)

From left to right: Burst (2), The Listener, Mouth Wide Open,
Sequined Garden, Purple Sky, Splash,
and the Lovers