Priska’s Garden

Priska’s Garden, 2003, fabric, thread, weight tape, enamel paint, wire, and ribbon-wire, 4 x 108 x 120 inches.
Site-specific work for my solo exhibition at Priska C. Juschka Fine Art, Brooklyn, New York, 2003.

Priska’s Garden comes out of a drain in the gallery floor. When I saw it, I knew immediately that I would make a piece that would grow out of it. The sculpture is made from a variety of earthy-colored fabrics, and in each of the long “shoots” are lengths of weight tape, a material that is placed in the bottom of curtains to weigh them down, but for my purposes has a wonderful undulating and organic form. The piece is named after Priska Juschka, the owner of the gallery, as this space—the gallery—was her “garden.”